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The Ancient art of Fermenting

KOJI-KOMBUCHA drink rich in vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. Based on fermented green tea and natural fruit juice. Stimulates immunity, fights depression and helps lose weight, takes away hunger, prevents fluid retention. Source of vitamin B12 offers energy and optimism.


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Koji is much more than a product

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We are ancient souls in a modern world.

We believe that kindness and tolerance

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At KOJI-KOMBUCHA we use only sustainable products and, whenever possible, places subjected to a fermentation process.

We create flavors full of character inspired by Asian culture. Kombucha is a

Ancient recipe from China where it was called the Tea of Eternity.

Good digestion is essential to maintain health, immunity and balance.
This is where Kombucha comes in, rich in probiotics, enzymes and vitamins. Promotes the feeling of happiness while detoxifying the colon, liver and brain. Gluten-free and practically sugar-free is the healthy soda of the future.

KOJI-KOMBUCHA much appreciated by children and practitioners of physical exercise, Yoga and Surf. Promotes a healthy lifestyle. Kombucha is an important supplement in a vegan or vegetarian diet due to its vitamin B12 content. We are a company that cares about the environment, so we use glass bottles and reuse those returned to us.

It must be kept refrigerated and eaten fresh.

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