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Kombucha is a rAncient recipe from China where it was called Eternity Tea

.It is a drink rich in vitamins, enzymes and probiotics.

based on fermented tea and natural fruit juice.

It is said to boost immunity, combat depression and

helps you lose weight.

It is a source of vitamin B12, offering energy and optimism.

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naturally fermented

low alcohol content 

Strong fruity flavor

very effervescent and fresh

If you like ginger you will find this a fun and interesting flavor to quench your thirst!


From €8.58/Liter

Shipping and VAT Included

Koji is much more than a product, it is a

way of being in life.

We are an Inclusive and ecological brand and we believe in a compassionate way to be in the world.

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Have you already seen the new  KOJI family packaging? With a capacity of up to 3 liters, it is made from recycled materials and is reusable, allowing the purchase of refill bags for a more sustainable life

From €7.5/Liter
Shipping and VAT included

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We have news for you! 

Our partner Encanto do 

chef José Avillez has a  michelin star.

It is proof of the excellence and quality of our kombucha!


Did you know that you can use kombucha in countless cooking recipes and cocktails? Here are some suggestions we have prepared for you....

last samurai
no boys

At KOJI-KOMBUCHA we only use sustainable products and, whenever possible, local products that have undergone a slow fermentation process
We create flavors full of character inspired by Asian culture. 

Good digestion is essential to maintain health, immunity and balance.
This is where Kombucha rich in probiotics, enzymes and vitamins comes in.

Promotes the feeling of happiness while detoxing the colon, liver and brain.
Gluten-free and practically sugar-free, it is the healthy soft drink of the future.


We are committed to minimizing the use of the planet's resources.  

We reduce, reuse and recycle the raw materials involved in production, packaging and transport

of our products. We now make it available in our

online store a family package

Made from reusable or recyclable materials. 


Produced in the old ways in Cascais - Portugal

Rua da Terceira Age 155 warehouse 2, 2645-260 Atrozela

Contact - 919440541


Obrigado pelo envio!

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